Accounts Services

Accounts Services

Accounts Preparations

Need your accountants prepared by an expert accountant you can trust? Then, contact T. D. & Company to help with your accounts preparation. Our accountants will prepare accounts that can be used to predict future performance of the business. The account preparation process is done in steps, and it must reflect a true and fair value of the business within the accounting period. T. D. & Company has a set of dynamic experts to prepare all your accounts. The experts put themselves as the owner of the business and ensure what they present to the clients are helpful information and advice.

Tax Return

Struggling to file your tax returns? Let us help share the burden. T. D. & Company has the right team that will ensure your tax return form is filled correctly and on time to ensure you meet up with your outstanding balances on time or if excess was paid, you recover the excess. We help you manage your tax payments to avoid accumulated bills at the year end. Our services will be able to relieve the business staff from the burden of preparing accounts. We take out time to interact with our clients so that we can learn about the running of the business. Knowing how your business runs makes it easier for us to assist you with your tax returns. We discuss the issues we were able to gather and advice on how it could be improved.

PAYE and CIS Service

T. D. & Company helps to free up businesses from the stress and time involved in paying employees and doing related admin and PAYE tax. We are always ready to take upon ourselves the burden of taking care of the compliance and paperwork involved. We know all about payroll tax laws and set up systems and processes that ensure paying workers will require less time and stress. We handle your company payroll for a very affordable price. Avoid the risk of breaking the law and incurring an extra cost by contacting us now.

Corporation Tax

For a proper Corporation Tax calculation contact us at T. D. & Company. We will ensure that your company’s allowable expenses for corporation tax are identified while leaving you to have enough time in running your company’s affairs. With us, you pay HMRC just what is required not more.


Do you need help with your VAT? At T. D. & Company we can provide professional assistance with VAT. We will ensure you charge the right prices that will enable you to pay or recover the VAT. We give the right VAT advice that will help your business to avoid VAT surprises.

Company Secretarial

Acting as a company secretarial entails experience and skills which can be found in T. D. & Company We can carry out all the functions required of a company secretarial since we have a team of well trained and qualified accountants. We guide you in running your company and make sure all the activities of the company are well schedule and in line with compliance set by Companies Act 2006.

Business Start-Ups

We provide startups and young businesses with business advice, services and support. All businesses that are just commencing will always require guidance so that they can avoid certain mistakes that will cause trouble later on or worst their downfall and closure. For business startups, we aim at assisting them to grow and get to grips with the financial aspect of running the business. We know what it means to start a business, and the challenges faced. All we do at T. D. & Company is make sure your problems are tackled as early as when you get started to prevent a collapse of the company. We make sure all the dreams of your company are realised by ensuring they stay open, running and remain profitable. Contacting us will give you an extra head when it comes to setting up the right business strategies.


For a proper self-assessment, consult T. D. & Company to get the best ideas on how can you minimise the tax liability and maximise the gain by utilising allowances and schemes offered by HMRC. We save hassle for you and give you more time to think about how best your business can be run.

Tax Planning

T. D. & Company has an experienced team of chartered accountants and tax experts who can make sure all the possible instances where tax liability can be minimised. Proper tax planning will not just make your business take advantage but your personal finances as well. We will maximise all available allowances and deductions on your taxable income. We advise you and ensure your tax plan takes all the possible risk free tax avoidance options.

Wills, Trust and Estate Planning

We can render a proper estate plan. We ensure the continuous running of your business with or without you being present. We also make sure the business remains profitable. Using us for your estate planning will mean a continuation of your business to survive you should the worst happen.
We can ensure the final decision of any individual is followed. We will you offer you honest advice on how to best distribute estate after your death. We also ensure that all of your wishes are treated with respect and confidentiality.

Trusts are used for privacy and better tax planning since there are times when wills are made public. We can offer you reliable and impartial advice on how to best create and use the trust to protect and keep your assets on behalf of beneficiaries.